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  • Why Gen Z Is Crushing Over Brand Dolls Kill


    Dolls Kill是Z世代最为狂热的一家线上时装店,我们对这个古怪的品牌有太多的不了解,创始人Shaudi Lynn原先只是寄身于Ebay上的小卖家,是如何成功独自一人经营,而这也只是其中之一。 Dolls Kill相较其他热门时装零售商,又有哪些独特之处呢? 现在是时候看看这个成功的创业公司,为什么Dolls Kill能够成为最新一代的时尚品牌。

    Dolls Kill founder Shaudi Lynn, went from slogging clothes on Ebay to running one of Gen Z's favorite online fashion stores, all by herself and that's just one of many reasons we can't get enough of this kooky brand. So what does Dolls Kill have that other popular fashion retailers simply don't? It's time to look at this successful startup and investigate just why Dolls Kill is the fashion brand on the lips of the latest generation.

    Dolls Kill's Unique Selling Points

    Dolls Kill的独特卖点

    也许您还没关注过Dolls Kill,那我能告诉你的是,该品牌是线上时装商店的黑马。 节日服装在几年前爆炸式增长,而当时的领先品牌认为花很多钱在节日服装上的做法不会长久,然而Dolls Kill机智多了。 他们抓住这一要点:那些节日迷们非常注重自己的服装,并且大多数人只会穿一次!

    Incase Dolls Kill hasn't been on your radar at all, consider this brand to be the dark horse of the online fashion stores. Festival wear really exploded a few years ago and while the leading brands of the time presumed the idea of spending lots of money on dramatic outfits for festivals would be a short lived phase, Dolls Kill knew better. They decided to capitalize on the fact that festival goers take their outfits very seriously and most will only wear the outfit once!


    Dolls Kill着重节日服装,只生产最搞怪的时装,尤其是那些自己根本没想过会穿的,吸引特定的追随者。 任何一件单品都不会掩饰自己的惹眼,夸张或者怪异。 越大越大胆越好,他们的粉丝似乎也同意。 Dolls Kill网站的副标题是“修身守法小姐姐的精品店”,店名就说明了一切。 他们的最新系列包括受邪典电影《低俗小说》(Pulp Fiction)在内的许多作品的启发,包括亮黄色印花连帽衫、相配的T恤,风衣夹克和格兰达衬衫。 还有大量的羽毛质地、羽毛、天鹅绒、亮片,带有深色边缘的稚气印花,全息图案服装,当然还有配饰还没有提到!

    Dolls Kill took festival wear up a notch and have built a cult following for themselves by producing only the most outrageous pieces of fashion, particularly things you wouldn't even dream of wearing. No piece is too loud, too over the top or too weird for that matter. The bigger and bolder the better and their fans certainly seem to agree. Dolls Kill's strap line is “The Online Boutique For The Misfits and Miss Legits” which really says it all. Their latest collection includes many pieces inspired by the cult film Pulp Fiction including bright yellow printed hoodies with matching t-shirts, windbreaker anoraks and granda shirts. There's also an explosion of pleather textures, feathers, velvet, sequins, childish prints with a dark edge, full holographic outfits and we haven't even mentioned the accessories yet!

    Dolls Kill对其产品进行分类的方式也是独具一格。 客户划分用七个娃娃(dolls)来标记,每个娃娃都有自己的名字,不同的时尚感和个性,顾客可以从任一个娃娃的虚拟衣橱中选购。 一个公主叫Coco,她喜欢夏威夷和日本时尚,喜欢闪闪发光的水钻和女权物件。 她有永远完美的睫毛,永远精致的指甲。 另外还有Mercy公主。 她的风格和性格要黑暗许多,有点巫婆,她喜欢蜘蛛和天鹅绒,标志性的风格是哥特式。 还有Willow公主,波西米亚风的节日宝贝,Kandi是派对女王,Darby是70年代的朋克摇滚歌手,还有Mia,性感的运动型公主。

    Even the way Dolls Kill categorizes their products is unique in itself. Broken down into seven Dolls, each with their own name, fashion sense and personality, customers can shop from just one doll's virtual closet or from all seven. One doll is called Coco, she's into Kawaii and Japanese fashion, loves sparkly rhinestones and all things girl power. She's always got perfectly applied lashes and never misses a manicure. On the flip side, there's also the character of Mercy. She's much darker in style and personality, a little bit witchy, she loves spiders and velvet and her signature style is gothic. There's also Willow, the festival boho babe, Kandi, the rave queen, Darby, the 70's punk rocker and Mia, the sexy athleisure princess.


    可以肯定地说,他们的服装有着明确而独特的方向,但是他们的撰文风格和与粉丝交流的方式同样活泼而明确。 在他们的网站上,品牌故事一栏,Dolls Kill并没有像所有品牌那样诉说着品牌历史,以什么为代表,以及是如何起步的,而是采用了更潮的方法。 页面上发布了一些动感的图片,来自拍摄的照片,并以短语和引语贯穿整个故事,以抽象的方式讲述这些故事。 标题为“释放您的内心”,而娃娃的所有个性特征都在旋转木马中闪烁。 提到一句话与 Dolls Kill七种娃娃的态度类型有关,如“我们在学校是青铜,在夜店是王者”。

    It's safe to say their clothing has a clear and unique direction but their voice and the way they communicate with their fans is just as sassy and defined. On their website, under the About Us story, instead of telling us all about their history, what they stand for and how they started like the majority of brands do, Dolls Kill take a more modern approach. The page is littered with some of their most dynamic images from photoshoots and peppered through with phrase's and quotes that tell a story in an abstract way. The heading reads “Release Your Inner” while all of the personality traits of the dolls themselves flash through in a carousel. Another phrase mentioned relates to the type of attitude of a Dolls Kill girl, “We are back of the class and front of the club.”

    最后,图像化的品牌故事,配上创始人的引语:“我记得总是有这种违背传统的愿望。 这种感觉从未离开过我。 我认为它永远不会得到祝福。 在这里,我们称其为“ 我不鸟他”态度。 有些人则更有甚之,但这并不重要,因为它在我们所有人的内心深处, 释放它。”

    Finally, the pictorial about us story is complete with a quote from the founder herself, “I remember always having this desire to go against the grain. And that feeling has never left me. I don't think it ever leaves anyone who is blessed with it. Here we call it the “IDGAF” attitude. Some have it more than others but it doesn't matter because it's inside all of us. Unleash it.”


    Diverse Models


    Dolls Kill非常确切地知道目标受众想要穿什么,以及如何与他们交流,也非常了解客户看中什么。 Z世代一族注重运动,也在不断改变我们当今的世界和社会。其中一部分就是包容性,做真实的自己,能够去接受多样化的模特类型。Dolls Kill的款式有特大号的,聘用的模特,不仅有常规模特,还有大码模特,不同血统和肤色的模特,而且他们的大码模特和我们习惯看到的很不一样。虽然模特一样都很漂亮,但是大多数品牌的大码模特的比例仍然很完美,很少会有妊娠纹或游泳圈,肤色也有很高的光泽度。但是大多数女人,无论是否穿大号衣服,都不希望看到完美无瑕的模特,他们希望看到瑕疵、赘肉。这使衣服更能显出实际效果,这样他们可以更清楚实际地了解衣服在不完美身材的上身效果。

    Aside from Dolls Kill knowing exactly what their target audience wants to wear and how they want to be spoken to, they're also adapt at knowing what their customers value. Gen Z are all about movements and making changes to our world and society as we know it today, for the better. Part of this is inclusivity, being authentic and diversifying the kind of people we usually see modeling clothes. Dolls Kill are ticking major boxes when it comes to their models, not only are they using plus size models as well as regular models, women of different origins and skin colors, but their plus size models have a very real life difference to the plus size models we're so used to seeing. While we believe that every body is beautiful, most plus size models are still perfectly in proportion, few or airbrushed out stretch marks and cellulite and generally, very toned and polished. But most women, plus size or not don't want to see flawless model bodies, they want to see the imperfections, the lumps and bumps. This makes the clothing more relatable and they can actually see more clearly how the garment would look on their normal, imperfect bodies.

    很多人都会拿Dolls Kill与Nasty Gal的成功故事相比,这也不足为奇。 但是, Dolls Kill不会有和Nasty Gal相同的命运来给自己的品牌画上句号。 最近,Dolls Kill在旧金山开设了第一家实体店,虽然目前只是一家快闪店,但未来已有非常庞大的扩张计划。

    It's not surprising that Dolls Kill has been in many ways compared to the success story of Nasty Gal. However, Dolls Kill is determined not to end up with the same fate as its comparison. Recently, Dolls Kill has opened up their first brick and mortar, physical shop in the founder's home of San Francisco and while it is currently only running as a pop up shop, there's big plans for expansion in their future.

    上海大学巴黎国际时装艺术学院(Shanghai University - MOD'ART International),成立于2003年,被外界誉为”上海时装界的黄埔军校“,是国内第一个在上海创办的中法合作时装设计学院,国内率先引进法国奢侈品营销与管理专业和时尚传播专业。受到中国服装协会、中国服装设计师协会、中国国际贸易促进会纺织行业分会等专业社会团体的支持。